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Populum . Locum . Lucrum

Berkshire Development Organization builds its operating business model on the three pillars of sustainability for balanced growth of the society and the people, the cities and the communities, and the stabilized profitability for businesses.


Our Organization

Berkshire Development Organization is a Public Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) established under the Corporate Law of the finest legal jurisdiction in the world. A for-profit public benefit corporation managed in a manner that balances the stockholders' pecuniary interests, the best interests of those materially affected by the corporation's conduct, and the public benefit(s) identified in our incorporation mandate.. Berkshire Development Organization's core mandate is fostering the promotion of sustainable economic development strategies through establishing, facilitating, and performing public-private partnership development projects. Major corporate approach is dedicated to implementing sustainability public policies, setting standards, strategies, and guidelines for sustainable economic development, and mobilizing funds for implementation. Through strategic business collaboration, Berkshire Development could provide the society with additional resources to effect public policy development projects that may lack financial, expertise, or organizational resources to be implemented. In addition, by assisting communities through public-private partnerships, Berkshire Development activities eventually lead to job creation and higher living standards for the society.


Our Vision

Becoming the leading global public-private partnership collaborative platform utilizing blockchain technology. Providing governments, individuals, and corporations with a platform to cooperate on fundraising, investing in, and fulfilling public benefit projects.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide both the public sector and the private citizen or entity with an opportunity to collaborate through utilizing blockchain technology, where the government can increase its resources, and in exchange provide the private sector with stabilized investment opportunities and reliable returns. This collaboration is targeting to realize goals of job creation, funding government budgets for public benefit projects, generating reliable investment opportunities and returns – being made possible by municipal, local, or state government entities.

Strategic Position

Berkshire Development plays an important role in coordination between government bodies, international organizations, and the private sector.  Berkshire Development targets complex community development problems by pooling the expertise and resources of collaborates and strategic partners to establish public private partnership projects. Collaborates/partners areas of expertise range from program and project management, capital asset program management, commercial dispute resolution, innovative building technologies, infrastructure development, systems modernization, alternative/renewable energy, and branding and training activities. Berkshire Development oldest collaborate activities date back to 1959 and youngest collaborate dates back to 2016 with collective work and budgets managed of several Billion Dollars. The organization is capitalizing on its teams expertise in the development field and its public private partnership pioneering initiatives history applying innovative development and funding principles for environmentally friendly mega projects. In August, 2005 our founders initiated - in the City of Dallas, State of Texas - The Central Business District Revitalization Master Plan Initiative, introducing municipal development projects in excess of $3 Billion and introducing innovative funding methods.

Niche Profile

One of the very few crowdfunding leading platforms in the world defined Public Benefit Corporations as “for-profit companies that are obligated to consider the impact of their decisions on society, not only shareholders. Radically, positive impact on society becomes part of a Benefit Corporation’s legally defined goals.” In that perspective, Berkshire Development Organization is situated to resolve the “Agency Problem” or in other words corporate executives’ conflict of interest that arises as a result of the trade-off between their obligations to maximize profits for shareholders at the same time of maximizing corporate social responsibility contributions towards, and impact on, the public being served by the corporation. The Huffington post describes public benefit corporations as “A New Kind of Corporation to Harness the Power of Private Enterprise for Public Benefit... In the short term, they will create high quality jobs and improve the quality of life in our communities. In the long term, as many enter the public capital markets, they will help combat the plague of short termism that we have seen over the last five years can undermine a shared and durable prosperity”. Many of the B-Corps in existence today have elected to be designated as such while Berkshire Development Organization is the first in the world to be incorporated, from day one, as a Public Benefit Corporation for sustainable development & Public Private Partnership. 

Social Responsibility

The organization targets raising living standards of served communities through designing and implementing development projects and assisting governments to raise their performance efficiency to best utilize their resources. The organization raises funds and resources to assist the government to enhance its public policy outcome through several resources mobilization channels. The utilization of the unprecedented opportunities of blockchain innovative technologies, while securing the public from its markets volatility, is a vital mission aid for Berkshire Development Organization beneficiaries and stakeholders, members, and strategic partners. Increasing living standards, entrepreneurial advancement, and turning job seekers into job givers represent our tools to serve our communities.

Community Involvement

The goals of community involvement and citizens participation, maximize corporate social responsibility values, providing business opportunities for platform member corporations and individuals, are certainly essential for the accomplishment of our mission. Through our collaborating corporations and individuals, we introduce new building technologies, alternative energy solutions, cooperative crowd development resources, and innovative project management technologies to enable federal, state, and local governments achieve planned development goals sustainably and to serve public interests. Berkshire Development Organization assists governments raise funds through providing the public with ownership opportunities in projects designed to be implemented according to public private partnership transactions.


Sustainable profitability is a factor of corporate social responsibility, that stabilizes profit while serving communities. Our collaborate contributions are profit stabilization tools, in our business model, generating Return on CSR investments. Decent affordable housing is one of the key factors in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. Decentralized energy services remain at the forefront in the fight against poverty. Balanced economic development of People, Place, and Profit. Berkshire Development Organization gets assigned CSR budget management from collaborator where it includes the collaborator contribution into its partnership with respective governments. Collaborators sponsor activities of Berkshire Development Organization, whether on specific sector basis or master sponsorship basis.

Corporate Culture

Development success is a combination between risk management and the resulted opportunity utilization. Governments have the scale and resources, while communities participation is essential, to work on extracting the opportunities out of the risks, and reach balanced sustainable DEVELOPMENT. To manage risk, financial tools and resources like savings and insurance could be used. Social collective power, like solidarity and collaboration, are certainly precious assets, and research to mitigate risks would pay off. Understanding risks and its interconnection universally would enable communities and their governments various levels to coordinate efforts to mitigate risk and utilize OPPORTUNITIES. Development opportunities can come out of risk threats and are optimized as risks are managed properly. Community education on risk mitigation and on coping with risks, expedites the fruition of development opportunities. Balanced development where risk factors are determined, managed and mitigated, ensures development SUCCESS.