Community Involvement

The goals of community involvement and citizens participation, maximize corporate social responsibility values, providing business opportunities for platform member corporations and individuals, are certainly essential for the accomplishment of our mission. The utilization of the unprecedented opportunities of blockchain innovative technologies, while securing the public from its markets volatility, is a vital mission aid for Berkshire Development Organization beneficiaries and stakeholders, members, and strategic partners.


Our History

Berkshire Development Organization is created as a shareholding organization that performs a number of development tasks guided by sustainability principles in its DNA. The organization is capitalizing on its teams expertise in the development field and its public private partnership pioneering initiatives history applying the development and funding principles for environmentally friendly mega projects. In August, 2005 our founders initiated - in the City of Dallas, State of Texas - The Central Business District Revitalization Master Plan Initiative, introducing municipal development projects in excess of $3 Billion and introducing innovative EB5 and other funding methods. Berkshire Development Organization’s implementation arms in field operations consist of its teams resources, operating and collaborating corporations capabilities in the several development fields including but not limited to Infrastructure, energy, and  housing.

Looking Ahead

Berkshire Development Organization is committed to securing the finest quality of operations to lead the economic development activities. The organization is working to launch several national initiatives to utilize latest building technologies to create jobs, provide medical facilities, schools, retail outlets, and income generating opportunities. Berkshire Development Organization is actively seeking operations in many other cities and is continuously welcoming additional corporate and individual members to join its innovative public private partnership platform. The organization is looking to establish prefabricated buildings factories, to extend to African countries in need for such technology, in addition to alternative energy solutions, workshops and stations, for the amount of approximately $25,000,000 per manufacturing plant. Expanding partnerships is a prime organizational goal for Berkshire Development.



Berkshire Development Organization, Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), is established to serve as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) platform. The organization targets raising living standards of served communities through designing and implementing development projects and assisting governments to raise their performance efficiency to best utilize their resources. The organization raises funds and resources to assist the government to enhance its public policy outcome through several resources mobilization channels. Through our collaborating corporations and individuals, we introduce new building technologies, alternative energy solutions, cooperative crowd development resources, and innovative project management technologies to enable federal, state, and local governments achieve planned development goals sustainably and to serve public interests. Berkshire Development Organization assists governments raise funds through providing the public with ownership opportunities in projects designed to be implemented according to public private partnership transactions.



One Generation to the other, challenges differ in details but are similar in nature. Nature made challenges or Man-Made challenges, both face Citizens of the World since creation of man and earth. The World owes its existence as it is today to the efforts and sacrifices, and decisions and practices of people in the past. The challenges and opportunities earth carried over millions of years were shared then, are shared now, and will be shared in the future by the whole world. It is the duty of today's world citizens to mitigate risks and utilize opportunities to deliver a better earth to the future world citizens. We can do a better job than people of the past. Collaborative work to develop a better world and protect our earth is the most, if not the only, effective way to rise above challenges and tackle opportunities. The organization establishes the deal with the government on Public Private Partnership basis and provide the public with the opportunity to take part in the respective project according to studies provided by the respective government, implementing its collaboration philosophy.


Development success is a combination between risk management and the resulted opportunity utilization. Governments have the scale and resources, while communities participation is essential, to work on extracting the opportunities out of the risks, and reach balanced sustainable DEVELOPMENT. To manage risk, financial tools and resources like savings and insurance could be used. Social collective power, like solidarity and collaboration, are certainly precious assets, and research to mitigate risks would pay off. Understanding risks and its interconnection universally would enable communities and their governments various levels to coordinate efforts to mitigate risk and utilize OPPORTUNITIES. Development opportunities can come out of risk threats and are optimized as risks are managed properly. Community education on risk mitigation and on coping with risks, expedites the fruition of development opportunities. Balanced development where risk factors are determined, managed and mitigated, ensures development SUCCESS.

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