Key Views

  • Sustainable profitability is a factor of corporate social responsibility, that stabilizes profit while serving communities. Our collaborate contributions are profit stabilization tools, in our business model, generating Return on CSR investments.

  • Decent affordable housing is one of the key factors in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. Decentralized energy services remain at the forefront in the fight against poverty.

  • Balanced economic development of People, Place, and Profit.


  • Berkshire Development Organization gets assigned CSR budget management from collaborator where it includes the collaborator contribution into its partnership with respective governments. Collaborator receives recognition for contribution, represented by name assignment possibility upon applicability. 

  • Collaborators sponsor activities of Berkshire Development Organization, whether on specific sector basis or master sponsorship basis, where collaborator contribution be recognized on same basis of sponsorship. Master sponsorship facilitates access of collaborator to all projects with governments.

  • Blockchain technology generated smart contracts exchange for cryptocurrency contributions to form a project budget of respective government PPP contract. The Organization is looking to pool resources to back selective innovative startups and create a world crowd development support system for the commercialization of such innovations.

Green Buildings
Concrete Structure


  • Shortage of government resources dedicated for public benefit projects implementation. - the need for private sector’s collaboration and funds.

  • Cryptocurrency price volatility challenges due to its lack of a backing economic activity.

  • Growing government budget shortage while cryptocurrency market cap approaching $1 Trillion and expansion heading to excess of $10 Trillion in eight years.

Strategic Solutions

  • Establish a Public-Private Partnership Platform allowing community members, corporations, and organizations to partner in public benefit projects with their government through smart contracts.

  • Create a medium of value exchange represented by blockchain smart contract for platform members to utilize in their public-private partnerships acquisitions, to ensure governance and transparency.

  • Utilize the generated economic activity to back up the smart contract/cryptocurrency evaluation so that it provides its holders with a stabilized exchangeable value that could facilitate investment exit strategies, similar to hard currencies market value mechanisms.

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